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Consumer Complaints: The Top 10 Things to Know

Consumer Complaints:Top 10 Things to KnowBy Cyndi Hall, Compliance Director, Consumer Affairs Department, Sammons Financial Group

As complaint management procedures increasingly come under the scrutiny of regulators, there is more pressure than ever to resolve complaints quickly, accurately, and transparently. Doing so consistently can mitigate compliance risks for insurers and help to strengthen a carrier’s reputation with its customers.

In “Consumer Complaints: The Top 10 Things to Know,” Cyndi Hall, Compliance Director, Consumer Affairs Department at Sammons Financial Group, offers her list of things to keep in mind when dealing with complaints.

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Cut Through the Noise and Win the Compliance Race

By Stacy J. Braverman, Regulatory Analyst, RegEd

Cut Through the Noise and Win the Compliance Race

As regulation of the insurance industry continues to grow in volume and complexity, insurers are challenged to keep pace with the rate of new and changed regulations.

These dramatic increases in regulation are creating a strain on compliance staff, already limited in time and resources.

So what can be done to avoid falling behind?

In “Cut Through the Noise and Win the Compliance Race,” Regulatory Analyst Stacy Braverman argues that the first step is to focus efforts on the most important regulations and compliance initiatives, and to avoid getting caught up in the tsunami of insurance regulation.

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Reduce Claims Litigation with Systematic Complaint Management

By Rebecca Vasquez, Regulatory Publisher and Complaint Specialist, RegEd

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As complaint handling procedures increasingly fall under the scrutiny of insurance regulators, the importance of effective, transparent complaint management has never been greater. Ineffective complaint processes can significantly increase compliance and reputational risks for insurers.

But is that where the costs of poor complaint management end?

In “An Ounce of Prevention,” Complaint Management Specialist Rebecca Vasquez argues that insurers should consider complaint handling processes as part of their claims litigation prevention strategy.

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